If you’re reading this it means you’ve landed in “Chellysworld” either by invite, referral or simply by shear luck.  I’m Chelly and I am a nationally certified Group Fitness Instructor (ACE) and certified Personal Trainer (AFAA) who loves helping folks improve their health and wellness.   My primary purpose is to provide my readers with health related information as well as encouragement to live a healthy lifestyle.

I’ve been in the fitness field 15+ years but actually hold a degree in Accounting.   It may seem like an odd combination but if it wasn’t for my involvement in physical fitness I couldn’t have survived the stress of working in the Accounting field and Corporate America.  It’s the little things your college professors don’t tell you that will make or break you!  Like seeking BALANCE in your LIFE when the going gets tough!

Fitness has evolved quite a bit over the last couple of decades.  When I first started out we were all jumping around in Reebok sneakers to songs like “Maniac” and “We Got the Beat”!  I look back at some of those work out clothes we wore and think “what a hot mess”!  Thank goodness for the evolution of the fitness industry and our leaders who share their visions and passions for progression.  Who would have ever envisioned the power of ZUMBA Fitness! The fitness format has gotten more people off the couch and up and moving.  Thanks to the Beto Perez (creator of ZUMBA Fitness) l can add two ZUMBA licenses  (www.michellewilliams.zumba.com) to my portfolio.  I lovingly refer to them as ZUMBA (on land) and AQUA ZUMBA (in the water)!  It’s the best of both worlds!


To get as many people as possible off the couch and moving.  Our bodies were designed for movement and not meant to be sedentary.   I encourage you to find something you like and get moving.  There are endless possibilities.


I believe that creativity resides in all of us.  The beauty is that we all bring something a little different to the table so why not use the gifts our Creator gave us to make this world a better place!